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Santa Clarita IT company Resurgence IT offers security solutions to help businesses stay safe from technological threats. Modern day problems like computer viruses, hackers and ransomware can hurt businesses’ bottom lines and erode consumer trust. Thankfully, Resurgence IT, a Santa Clarita IT company, offers “Security Management” services for businesses looking to protect their digital assets.

An IT company in Santa Clarita explains how offering customer support in plain English helps local businesses make informed decisions about their tech infrastructure. Officials from Resurgence IT understand that different businesses have different technological needs. They aim to help those businesses meet their needs by using plain English, rather than technical jargon, when advising […]

It has been several weeks since my last update so I wanted to reach out and check in with a few thoughts. First, I hope you and your home and work families are healthy and keeping a level head during this time. We are all settling into a new, temporary (hopefully), normal.  Whether that means […]

After last night’s new escalation to work at home for all non-critical businesses, we have again raised the bar as a team to increase our availability to you. We are listed as a Critical Business and are still working,  some remote, some at the office. Today, we are on full support and focusing our efforts […]

Hello , I’ll do my best to keep some updates related to IT coming as I see a benefit to you our valued client.  So, here’s #2… We’ve had a lot of clients take me up on the need to setup remote employees.  With the escalation in the events since my email just a few days […]