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It has been several weeks since my last update so I wanted to reach out and check in with a few thoughts. First, I hope you and your home and work families are healthy and keeping a level head during this time. We are all settling into a new, temporary (hopefully), normal.  Whether that means […]

After last night’s new escalation to work at home for all non-critical businesses, we have again raised the bar as a team to increase our availability to you. We are listed as a Critical Business and are still working,  some remote, some at the office. Today, we are on full support and focusing our efforts […]

Hello , I’ll do my best to keep some updates related to IT coming as I see a benefit to you our valued client.  So, here’s #2… We’ve had a lot of clients take me up on the need to setup remote employees.  With the escalation in the events since my email just a few days […]

Hello , Good evening to you!  I’ve held off on sending an email related to Corona for a while just thinking you don’t need any further chatter on it.  Apparently, it’s not going away tomorrow, so I’ve decided to break my silence with a few thoughts to provide you assurance we are prepared, and also give […]