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14Dec 2020
Cyber Security - Resurgence IT

Many threats remain out in the digital universe and this increases the possibility of you or your business’s vital information being compromised. We here at Resurgence IT can provide both an anti-hacker resource and peace of mind with our Security Management with the tactics we follow to protect information.

07Jul 2020
Cyber Security - Resurgence IT

Santa Clarita IT company Resurgence IT offers security solutions to help businesses stay safe from technological threats. Modern day problems like computer viruses, hackers and ransomware can hurt businesses’ bottom lines and erode consumer trust. Thankfully, Resurgence IT, a Santa Clarita IT company, offers “Security Management” services for businesses looking to protect their digital assets.

15Jun 2020
Tech Support - Resurgence IT

Santa Clarita technical support company Resurgence IT uses the same tools and expertise found at large corporations to help small and local businesses expand and maintain their technology infrastructure. Along with the rest of the C-suite, chief technology officers and chief information officers help guide major corporations toward future successes. Smaller businesses may not be […]

03Jun 2020

An IT company in Santa Clarita explains how offering customer support in plain English helps local businesses make informed decisions about their tech infrastructure. Officials from Resurgence IT understand that different businesses have different technological needs. They aim to help those businesses meet their needs by using plain English, rather than technical jargon, when advising […]

20May 2020
Resurgence IT - Resurgence IT Explains How Off-Site Technical Support Benefits Businesses

Santa Clarita technical support company Resurgence IT explains how off-site IT companies help businesses of all sizes, whether they have an on-site IT team or not. The Resurgence IT staff use their years of experience to help keep their clients’ businesses running reliably. Offering planning, security, and maintenance and stability services, the Santa Clarita technical […]