After last night’s new escalation to work at home for all non-critical businesses, we have again raised the bar as a team to increase our availability to you.

We are listed as a Critical Business and are still working,  some remote, some at the office.

Today, we are on full support and focusing our efforts on enabling your teams with remote access.  A few thoughts we need your support on:

  1. Our #1 Goal for RIT and your business is: Business Continuity
    1. If that is limited now, we want to work with you to get you as close to full strength as possible
  2. Best case for remote access is that your teams would use your company provided laptop/desktop
  3. If that is not and option, we need your support in this way:
    1. We strongly recommend Windows 10 only on home computers to connect to your office
    2. If windows 7, the computer must have all security patches applied and have current antivirus protection
      1. My team will not assist with updating Home user computers or upgrading to Windows 10
      2. This is for the protection of your business network and data and we CAN’T risk your entire network by opening up major security risks
    3. If home users can purchase even an inexpensive laptop I would encourage that
    4. My team will assess each user and we will escalate to you, our technical contact, with users that do not meet the requirements so alternatives can be discussed
  4. We are prioritizing remote setup needs with a majority of our team
  5. Normal support requests are still being worked on and we appreciate your understanding if we are delayed in reaching out
  6. We are working on a Telecommuting Workforce Policy that will become necessary in this time for your staff and will provide this template to you when it is ready
  7. If Onsite Support is needed: we will reach out to our technical contact for your company and confirm the following
    1. First: We expect this need will be minimal but could come as a result of server/switches/firewall outages
    2. Your team we will interact with must be healthy
    3. We will confirm our team member we send is healthy
    4. Healthy being defined as no fever, cough, runny nose, congestion, or other symptoms
  8. Finally: reiterate with your staff:
    1. ONLY business essential internet activity
    2. ONLY view and respond to emails you are confident are legitimate
    3. IF YOU HAVE A QUESTION confirm with someone

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