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Good evening to you!  I’ve held off on sending an email related to Corona for a while just thinking you don’t need any further chatter on it.  Apparently, it’s not going away tomorrow, so I’ve decided to break my silence with a few thoughts to provide you assurance we are prepared, and also give you a few options to consider for your teams.

For RIT, we have already confirmed our disaster recovery and incident response plans as a result of the fires and power outages last year.  So we are in business and ready to support you.  Even if we all get quarantined!

The more important question for you is probably what can you do for your team?  I’m hearing from many clients and the ultimate need: quickly provide the option for my staff to work remotely.  We want to accommodate that need while doing so as securely as possible.  The fact is, most of how we all work day to day can be done remotely so how do we accomplish this for you?

For those of you currently setup to work remotely, that doesn’t change.

The best way for us to quickly provide remote access to additional members of your team is by utilizing a secure connection to your office and then a direct link to your work computer.  We are modifying our typical implementation to accommodate your staff using personal home computers.  We have a templated process that will require some cooperation from your staff, but ultimately we will get them connected as quickly as possible.  Of course only with proper approval.

With many clients requesting this I have a few helpful thoughts:

  1. Try not to be like all those people buying cases of toilet paper to last them a year… 🙂
  2. If you would like us to verify the process for your company and get you in the queue, please make a list of the users you will grant remote access to and send that in to tickets@resurgenceit.com.
  3. We will provide special rates of $90/hour for any work related to this support. If you have an agreement for unlimited remote support, you don’t need to worry, we have you covered!
  4. One final tip is to pay extra close attention to cyber scams coming through email. Make it a point to delete emails that aren’t from trusted senders, and even verify those you trust.  I have also seen texting and phone calls used in these scams.

I thought the power outages last fall were strange and it’s safe to say we all probably felt a little exposed.  This scenario is even a little stranger.  Let’s hope and pray the craziness is over soon.

In the meantime, we’ll keep the light on for you and keep pushing to keep you secure!  We’ll continue to provide our normal helpdesk support as well as do our best to keep open projects on track.  I would appreciate your understanding if we need to modify schedules as we work to accommodate the needs of all.

Thank you for your time and certainly let me and my team know if there is anything we can do to provide better support for you and your company.

Thank you again,

Jeremy Stepan

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