It has been several weeks since my last update so I wanted to reach out and check in with a few thoughts.

First, I hope you and your home and work families are healthy and keeping a level head during this time.

We are all settling into a new, temporary (hopefully), normal.  Whether that means you have all or partial staff working from home, maybe had to furlough some staff, or just trying to make sense of this and figure out how to keep pushing forward while the world stands still.

It is unprecedented and I’ll be honest that I’ve found myself staring into outer space at times.  But… that’s not where we want to stay!

So… onto some thoughts:

  1. This Covid pandemic appears it will keep us in this position for a little while longer than what originally seemed like an eternal few weeks.
  2. As a result we need to be re-evaluating and confirming security for you as the last thing any of us needs right now is a “computer virus” to bring us down during a “pandemic virus”!
  3. We spent about 3 weeks pushing hard for all of our clients to get users mobilized to work from home.
  4. We are finally catching our breath, but we aren’t relaxing.
  5. We are taking advantage of this time to:
    1. Train our staff to be more knowledgeable as a team in our solutions and your networks
    2. Fill gaps in documentation of your network. This might mean we schedule a site visit with you.
  6. We are thinking outside the box during this time and I would encourage you to do the same! Find new ways to serve your clients or find new solutions to compliment your offerings.
  7. Challenging times always cause me to re-think, re-evaluate, confirm purpose, and work together with others to become better! I’m proud of my team as we work harder than ever to do that for you!
  8. I think it’s safe to say, we are all in the mode of self-preservation.
    1. Although we have been very busy, I am seeing some stabilization. Ultimately most of our support has remained the same, the location just changed.
    2. We are continuing business as usual which means support, management of your networks, and back office support including open AR/collections communication.
    3. Regarding AR/collections: As Nichola sends out AR emails, we understand your position is unique. While we need to collect in order to continue providing services, I will always be understanding in times of need.
    4. I present this only to say directly, if you have circumstances causing delay in payment, please communicate that with Nichola and we will find a path together.
  9. We will be sending more invoices out this week for overages and Covid 19 related tickets and I wanted to share my thoughts as we battle this together.
    1. All tickets for Covid 19, including those requiring me to pay my team overtime, will be billed at $90/hour
    2. I have put together a template for this month, which is based on what type of support agreement you have. Those details will be included with your invoice and we will be happy to review with you if needed.
    3. Ultimately in a time like this my priority is taking care of you, which includes fairly charging for the work, as none of us had any way of planning for this.
  10. One final thought or offer is related to projects:
    1. We continue to push forward on open projects and there are still new projects to carry out.
    2. In this time where many have a temporary slowdown in business, it can be a great time to get projects finished.
    3. If a staggered payment would help you be more confident to push a project through, I am happy to discuss that.

Truly, I appreciate you and your business.  I value our relationship and value the trust you have placed in me and my team.  This is just a temporary position we have all been forced into.

Through all of this, I want to be a support to your business and not a hinderance!

Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Jeremy Stepan

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