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The impacts of the Saddleridge Fire in Sylmar on local businesses and residents, and how to prepare for such an event, is being discussed by an expert from an IT company in Santa Clarita.

Brush fires and other emergencies or natural disasters can cause power outages, poor phone connections and spotty WiFi, significantly impacting business operations nearby, said Jeremy Stepan of Resurgence IT.

The team of experts from Resurgence IT works with their clients to prepare for these types of situations by creating what Stepan called an “incident response plan.”

“Do you know what to do when things go wrong?” Stepan said.

However, as the Saddleridge Fire whipped through Sylmar on Oct. 11, Spectrum reportedly underwent an internet outage that affected almost all of the Santa Clarita Valley, creating a rare situation that would have been difficult to prepare for, Stepan noted.

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“(Oct. 11) was pretty unique,” Stepan said. “Normally (at) our office, if internet goes down there, we have a failover. If that goes, we could work from home. (On Oct. 11), we couldn’t work from home.”

A type of internet called called wireless point-to-point is one potential backup plan, but even this has gone down in the past due to brush fires in Santa Clarita, according to Stepan.

Though critical facilities like hospitals have backup generators to use in the case of an outage, Stepan pointed out that the expense involved with this type of “failover” is likely not a possibility for the majority of businesses.

“Small businesses, it’s kind of like one of those things where you cut your losses for the day,” he said. “But you can still plan ahead. With all the technology in the cloud, with Office 365, your email in the cloud, with a lot of business applications that are web-based, hosted, wherever you can get internet access, you can perform some function of your business.”

The Saddleridge Fire further complicated things because leaving Santa Clarita to locate improved internet access was almost impossible as a result of a number of major freeway closures that backed up traffic in all directions.

“You can only have so much failover,” Stepan said. “There’s going to come a time when it all goes bad at the same time, and we kind of experienced a little bit of that (Oct. 11).”

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