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Santa Clarita IT company Resurgence IT offers security solutions to help businesses stay safe from technological threats.

Modern day problems like computer viruses, hackers and ransomware can hurt businesses’ bottom lines and erode consumer trust. Thankfully, Resurgence IT, a Santa Clarita IT company, offers “Security Management” services for businesses looking to protect their digital assets.

With new security vulnerabilities discovered all the time, Resurgence IT noted that many businesses may be left vulnerable even if they do a good job keeping their antivirus software up-to-date. The Santa Clarita IT company aims to help their clients “create a new focus on defending their data.”

Resurgence IT officials described “Security Management” as a “focused strategy of verifying both externally and internally where your gaps are and providing paths to remediation.”

The Santa Clarita IT company’s security experts are trained to seek out weak points in tech infrastructure, and keep informed about new vulnerabilities and security solutions.

“You can be doing all the right things with antivirus, updates to Microsoft and other software vendors, implementing complex passwords, and training your staff (and still have security issues),” said Resurgence IT officials. “ That strategy, although good, sometimes misses some checks or processes … leaving you partially exposed.”

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Resurgence IT employs a multi-step process, involving third-party verification, in order to help ensure no stone goes unturned when looking for vulnerabilities in their clients’ technology infrastructure.

“Self-assessment is a great way to verify and double-check, and we do that regularly by … having technicians verify each other’s work,” said officials from Resurgence IT. “We take that to a higher, independent level with our internal and external security audits.”

The Santa Clarita IT company offers security audits as one-time procedures or as part of an ongoing security review process.

“We can provide an audit for any company in the world. If you aren’t our client, we would enjoy the opportunity to provide this single project for you,” said Resurgence IT officials. “We can also provide an initial audit with monthly confirmation scans and reporting. This option allows you to confirm the gaps, remediate the gaps, and ensure over time they don’t return.”

At the end of their one-time or recurring security audit, Resurgence IT officials’ security assessment reports will be made available to the client company with suggestions for improvement.

Resurgence IT is additionally able to target their audits for businesses who must meet “PCI, HIPAA, SOX or other compliance standards.”

“With security concerns heightened, having the validation your business is maintaining the best security practices should provide a satisfying peace of mind,” said officials from Resurgence IT. “Threats are real; however, we can work with you to mitigate and significantly reduce their impact on your business.”

Resurgence IT is a Santa Clarita IT company launched in 2016 with a goal of providing excellent customer service alongside superior IT services, technical support and computer support. The name Resurgence was chosen to represent a fresh start, a fresh approach and a renewed vigor to deliver the best in I.T. support. The Santa Clarita technical support company strives to simplify its approach to IT support by providing the best solutions for its clients while breaking them down into easy-to-understand conversations, projects and invoices. Resurgence IT staff believe that their clients’ success is their success, and a key component to that is about the client understanding what is being done and why. Contact the I.T. support experts at Resurgence IT today to find “your new beginning in IT support.”

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